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We are a leading company in plastic injection, which has had a strong presence at national and international levels for over 25 years.

We have taken part in new industrial activities, the manufacture of flexible packaging which is produced with top quality structures and flexographic printing with clear definition and the possibility of applying different decoration technologies on buckets (offset printing and IML IN MOULD LABELLING). We use the latest equipment and the newest materials for these processes and for the development and production of our own molds.

Following our policies of development and growth, we have expanded the plant’s production capacity. This allows us to offer a wide range of high quality competitive products which satisfy from every housewife’s needs (cleaning, garden, kitchen products and household products in general) to the requirements for the industrial sector (flexible packaging of all kinds and buckets to be filled with liquids, semisolids, solids). In addition to this, we have the most advanced technology for the development of our own molds.

The key to our steady progress lies in our quality guarantee, speed of delivery and close relationship with customers. Our challenge is to strive every day to improve these assets by sensing and adapting to the constant changes that different markets require.


Our company is located in the city of Rosario at the southern end of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina.
Because of its ideal geographical location, its port and its efficient infrastructure services, Rosario is seen as a business center.

Rosario is a focal point of the member countries of Mercosur because it is located in their trade routes and because it is in a strategic position in the centre of the bioceanic connection that will link Rio Grande (Brazil) - Valparaiso (Chile). Also, it is a core service delivery for all domestic and international trade as well.